4 Surprising Benefits of Having a Spirit of Excellence


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I “met” Kelly online through a mutual friend because of partnering in prayer!
We have mutual interests and passions; mainly for digging into the Word of God and sharing what He reveals to us.
I hope that Kelly and I can work together a lot more in the future.
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Did you know Daniel in the Bible was one who had an excellent spirit? When I learned about this, it changed the way I want to live my life.

It’s not the same as the performance-based mindset of perfectionism, which is like being on a hamster wheel. You become tired working hard, but not getting anywhere. God doesn’t get glorified in that. We may not always have the best materials, but we can live with a conviction that our best can always get better. Because it’s for God’s glory.

What does having a spirit of excellence look like? Let me tell you about Celio.

My parents hired this trusted godly man to power wash the outside of their house. He has been their first choice for side jobs for several years now. He brought an assistant, and started early. The sun was setting by the time they finally finished. What took so long? They didn’t stop with only power washing the outside of the house. They cleaned the deck, too. And the back patio. And the walkways. Everything looked amazing when they were done. I was surprised, yet not completely astounded to hear this; he had a reputation for doing free extras. I think he’d be my first choice, too! What is it that sets him above the others? I see a spirit of excellence in his life.

Because an excellent spirit, knowledge, and understanding to interpret dreams, explain riddles, and solve problems were found in this Daniel… Daniel 5:12a ESV

I’ve been digging into the first 6 chapters of Daniel, and there’s so much to be gleaned! As I studied, I found an exciting pattern.
Here are four results of having a spirit of excellence:

Note: I’ll be referring to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah as Daniel’s “three buddies.”

People take notice of you

(Daniel 1:9, 15, 19-20; 5:10-12,14)

Daniel began with an impression of having a higher standard when he refused King Nebuchadnezzar assigned food and drink because he would have been defiled with it. God gave him favor and wisdom to follow through without getting the death sentence, and in the end Daniel, and his three buddies were found 10 times better than all the rest. Later, when King Belshazzar (King Nebuchadnezzar son) had a dream, the queen told him about Daniel.

People reward and promote you

(Daniel 2:46-48; 3:30; 5:17,29; 6:1-3)

After Daniel interpreted a dream that none of the other wise men could, King Nebuchadnezzar started throwing out honors, gifts and promotions like candy to kids lined up for a parade. Except all the candy landed in Daniel’s hands. Then Daniel spoke to the king, and got his three buddies some candy as well. Later when Daniel interpreted the handwriting on the wall for King Belshazzar, he was proclaimed the third ruler in the kingdom. Immediately after that, the kingdom switched into the hands of Darius. He saw that spirit of excellence in him too (6:1-3), and started promoting him with the plan of setting him over the entire kingdom.

People may try to trap or destroy you — but God will save you

(Daniel 2:13; 3:13-23; 6:4-24)

The first time King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that his wise men couldn’t interpret, he declared an unfair death sentence that included Daniel and his buddies by default even though he wasn’t initially asked to interpret it. God revealed the mystery to Daniel, and saved all their heads. Next, Daniel’s buddies were thrown into the fiery furnace. You probably know the story, but God did another miracle and saved their lives again. Finally, some of the guys were jealous that they didn’t get any “candy” and maliciously plotted against Daniel, landing him in the lion’s den. God saved Daniel, and the bad guys got thrown in there instead. Candy for the lions. Bottom line: they trusted God every time.

People will glorify God

(Daniel 2:47; 3:28-29; 6:25-27)

When God did miracles for Daniel and his buddies, King Nebuchadnezzar and Darius proclaimed glory to God. (I noticed that King Belshazzar didn’t, and his life was immediately cut off.)

Daniel knew his favor came from God, and gave his best to Him. The result of the spirit of excellence in Daniel and his buddies’ lives was that God was glorified!

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I hope you will look up these verses, letting these truths really digest in your heart. God will be glorified through the lives of any who have their hearts aligned with the truth of it.

What would a spirit of excellence look like in YOUR life?

Once you’ve finished reading here, it’ll do your soul good to read further what Kelly writes about having a spirit of excellence and how it Opens the Door to God’s Glory!


Kelly R. Baker writes to motivate believers to stay spiritually nourished and thriving, and enjoy the fruit that comes from a life yielded to God. She finally stopped fighting God’s call to write. Since then, she’s been featured in various publications, both online and in print. When not keeping her crew of four on the homeschool and household routine, you will probably find her sneaking a bite (or more) of dark chocolate. She would love to connect with you at www.kellyrbaker.com.













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