Love is the Sign


A new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another;
as I have loved you,
that you also love one another.
By this all will know that
you are My disciples,
if you have love for one another.


Loving others as Christ loves us isn’t the easiest thing most days.
Being put off, or offended is the worse trend of the days.
With the ease of popping off “at the fingers” (the mouth isn’t even needed anymore), we forget that there are real people on the other side that are greatly affected by our attacks.

Its time to step back and remember the command of true Christians.
We are WITHOUT excuse. We can’t say that we didn’t know to the extent of which we should love.

The topic of love should not be brushed off, but closely examined.
Ask the Lord to reveal a new way to love.
Read about how well Jesus loved others. Most of the time, His love looked more like compassion.
Surely there are people around that can use more compassion that flows from a place of grace.
Start with Biblical love and let it light up your heart!


Living to Worship Him,



In the world that we live in today, having global access to just about anyone in any place is very easy!

Thanks to technology I was able to find out about this wonderful #write31days challenge.
This experience has challenged me in a huge way, and I’m grateful.
Some days it was very hard to keep writing; whether it’s been a lack of motivation, words, or a brief “illness”, I’m still here!

In this home-stretch week, I want to re-introduce you to the Write 31 Days writers that are doing the thing too!
There are 10 categories, y’all and I’m looking forward to going back to reading once we’re wrapped up here. I’m sure they’ll be a blessing to you in days to come!


I want to shift gears and talk a little about the online (global) friendship community.
There is a place for those friendships!
That community is so very strong for me. I can probably say that it is for you, also?
Many of those friendships have been part of the vein of my existence.
Some faces I’ll never get to give the kiss of friendship to. Some I’ll never be able to physically hug.
But they have a piece of my heart that beats with compassion for them.
I think back to my first days of online interaction with other women. Those were in the form of websites with forums. It was the most organic of ways to connect.
Many of those friendships “transferred” over into the now popular social media sites.
It gets easy to get lost in the shuffle and algorithms of life, so we create special groups and pages to better love on each other.

Ministry partnerships, blogging guest posts, conferences for the sole purpose of meeting “irl” are a few of the beautiful things that have been birthed from the global friendship community.
Its where I meet some of my Stirrer Friends!

These global friendships help me in navigating my shoulder-to-shoulder friendships.
It teaches me how to slow down before responding, how to be more appreciative of what I DO have at home, how to be more generous with cultivation, how to give space, and how to step up.

What has global friendships done for you?
If you’d like, please leave a comment, or connect in one of my Facebook gathering spots; page or community (please ask to join)!


Living to Worship Him,



I’ve never experienced a tire blowout, but I was well on my way to.

It was my first time driving solo from SC back to FL to attend a cousin’s wedding.
My route was from SC to Jacksonville, FL, then to Pensacola.

The plan, once reaching P’cola (which we affectionately call Pensacola), was to get my tires checked.
What was discovered was a tire barely woven together by wires.
A mile or two further up the road, and it would have been a different story that I’d be typing!

The mechanic was amazed that we made it safely, all the while I had no clue that the tire was in such dire need of replacement. He said, “Somebody was looking out for you!”
My response was the knowing that, “yes! My God always does!”
I was at peace the whole travel time, but a potential catastrophe was moments away.
God was our protector and our keeper.

That’s the way God is with us.
Trouble may be lurking. We may even see it coming; but I firmly believe that God hedges us in so that it doesn’t destroy us.
We have to believe, without wavering that He is for us always.

Every time my family walk out of the door, I pray for protection.
My favorite Scripture for protection is Psalm 91!

What are some of yours?
I’d love to continue this conversation in my Facebook Page or Community!
Tell me of a time that God has protected you!


Living to Worship Him,

Continuous Outpouring


I just starting reading a book that I picked up over a month ago (I have a habit of “snippet reading”),
called Unceasing Worship by Harold M Best.
This isn’t an endorsement or suggestion (yet) because I haven’t read the whole thing.
But what I want to share with you is a part that was like WOW to me!

The author uses the term “Continuous outpouring” as a definition of the true worship of God.

I was intrigued to read that:

Continuous implies relentlessness; the opposite of periodic or sporadic.
Outpouring implies lavishness and generosity. Pouring is seamless.
Outpouring surpasses measuring out or filling quotas, even to the extent that it does not matter if some of it spills over in gracious waste.
– Harold M Best

THIS is truly a call for me to examine the lifestyle of worship!
There isn’t a moment that goes by that we shouldn’t thank God for His goodness, for Who He is, and what He’s done just for us.
As Mary of Bethany continuously poured out the most precious oil offering of worship that she had on Jesus’ feet; and as Paul continuously poured out his life as a drink offering of worship to God, we’re needing to just as much.
A relentless pursuit.

In the midst of everything that you have going on today, take a moment to reflect on what is getting your continuous outpouring of worship. It can be a sobering thought, but also a great way to realign with our heavenly Father.


Living to Worship Him,



Do you take the time to notice people around you?
Do you take the time to notice what God is doing in their lives?

I have beautiful friends around me that take notice and are quick to say,
”Do you know what I notice about you?”

It’s about affirmation and blessing.
You’re speaking a blessing over someone when you let them know that
you notice what God is doing in their lives.
A person may not tell anyone of a struggle or spiritual “heart” issue.
They spend their moments crying out to God; hitting their knees at every turn
needing Him to help them change.

Are you perceptive enough to notice when that person has a breakthrough?
You can see a glint of hope in their eyes, their straighter back, their more jovial spirit.

Take the time to let that person know what you notice about them.
It may be the confirmation they need to know that they’re on the right track.

A “notice” goes a very long way in building a sister or a brother up.
In a world where a put down or snarky are too easily spewed, there needs to be a hope-filled counter.


Living to Worship Him,