Bible Study and Distractions

Cutting down on distractions while reading and studying the Word has become a thing for me. Before allowing the things “out there” that easily distract and grab for our attention (which usually comes in the form of social media before Word), I need to put the good stuff in! I’ll be the first to tell you that it has NOT been 100%. Heck, not even 80%. I’m pretty sure that the reason for it is that a lot of my […]

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With Us

There is power in the word “WITH”.
It’s knowing that you’re not alone. 

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White Knuckle Faith

I was desperate for peace, comfort, and security from God. I had learned about standing in faith many years ago, and I even employed faith many times during difficult and unsure seasons of my life. This new thing had me falling to my knees and crying out to God for what seemed like every moment! Crying out to God isn’t a bad thing. In fact, its a needed thing; but when doing so doesn’t produce faith, growth and surrender, crying […]

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Living a Surrendered Life

It’s a wild ride when you seek and ask God about something specific and what He reveals is so much more involved than anything you can imagine! For me, it turned into a season of asking Him LOTS of questions, doubting myself, battling emotions that I knew didn’t belong, opening my hands in surrender; pouring out what I’d held on so tightly to, and then daring to open my palms heavenward to ask Him for an exchange. This blog post […]

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Always Enough, Never Too Much {review and giveaway}

Always Enough, Never Too Much Learning to Stop Hiding and Start Living For many years I’ve asked the same question in many different ways: ”Lord, Am I seen?” “Does anyone else notice?” Yes, I always know the answer to those questions, and He does faithfully guide me through seasons of being influential in others’ lives. But isn’t it so human of me to want more…more from humans?! I started reading Always Enough, Never Too Much  by Jess Connolly & Hayley […]

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