As the Father Loved :: A look At John 15:9

Pursuing What Is Excellent :: As the Father Loved

As the Father loved Me,
I also have loved you;
abide in My love.
John 15:9 NKJV{emphasis added}

As the Father loved Jesus!
There is no holding back of our Father, God’s love.
He loves us with a fierce passion that we’ll never fully understand this side of glory.

Even when there’s NO DOUBT of how much love God has for me, I know there’s still so much more.

Jesus love me with the SAME LOVE that God loved Him [Jesus].

What a portion! WHAT.A.PORTION!As the Father love Me, I also have loved

Do you know what we’re to do with that love?


The words, “Abide in My love.” grips my heart every time.

We can’t go deep enough of that dwelling place, but we sure can, and should try!

Its like sitting back into that cozy chair, sinking in,
and still can’t get enough of that sinking in.
Ya just want to get all of the cozy from it that you can.

Sink into, abide in HIS love.

I’ll be investing some time in memorizing that verse.
It washes over my heart.
Its more of my assurance of God’s love for me!

With Sword and Coffee,

I’m joining Sara Borgstede in a 7-day Bible reading challenge, Abide in God’s Love.

Heart Sisters Come From Right Friendships

Pursuing What Is Excellent Heart Sisters Come From Right Friendships



Heart Sisters Book Cover

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Heart Sisters: Be the Friend You Want to Have
by Natalie Chambers Snapp

The truth of the matter is we need other women in our tribe. We need to lean on one another and hold
each other up when it feels like we can’t walk.
We need someone to lovingly tell us we should
apologize to our spouses when we’re in the wrong.
We need someone to speak up if the 
dark brown lipstick makes us look like a corpse.
Simply put, God knew we would need all kinds of relationships to fulfill the desire He placed in each of our hearts to live in community.”


We love friendship when it’s easy and life-giving.

But let’s face it. It can also be tricky and hard.

In Heart Sister, Natalie explores many different facets of sisters of the heart.

She walked me through the fun stuff of recognizing my Inner, Middle, and Outer Heart Friends; those that walk closely with me in life through all or just a few seasons of life.

It prompted me to message a sister that I realized is a true Heart Sister and tell her so.

Natalie also walked me through the yucky of the ugliness in some friendships; how to reconcile or just let it go after doing my part without reciprocation.
I enjoyed reading about setting boundaries in my life and time.
Putting margin in our lives for the things that’s most important is vital. We can’t give our best to our family if we don’t.

Since online friendship and community make up a large part of having heart sisters, I wanted to key in on those relationships also.
I love my online sisters!
They’ve been there during some of my hardest of hard times of life. I could feel the power of their prayer and sincerity of their words.
We’ve also been knitted into each other’s family’s lives; sending “thinking of you” notes, gifts for my grandbaby and other wonderful trinkets.
God has blessed me in that area and I’m so grateful.

I had to get honest with them and myself when I say that I need face to face, shoulder to shoulder, “go-shopping-with-me” friendships.

It has taken my family moving to another city and becoming a part of a most fabulous church to gain such Heart Sisters.
I’m winning!


In this world that we live in, if we allow ourselves to be open to friendship, we’ll develop great ones…or maybe not.
I think that Heart Sisters is a good tool to help on a case-by-case basis.
Heart Sisters covers the topics of:

  • Overcoming your fear of being hurt by other women
  • Examining issues so you can work your way through conflicts
  • Recognizing when it’s time to establish healthy – and holy – boundaries
  • Getting right with God so you can get right with others.
  • Discovering the secret to authentic friendships

Discussion questions are also available to help go deeper in thought.

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Contest runs May 26 – June 2.
Even if you don’t win, you may purchase Heart Sisters HERE

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With Sword and Coffee,

*I received the book, Heart Sisters from Abingdon Press at no cost for an honest review in exchange. All thoughts about this book are my own.

How Coffee Strengthens My Marriage

Yes. I know that the title has the word coffee in it.
Yes. I know that I have some of the most beautiful non-coffee drinking friends.
Yes. I know that you may have already turned the page because of the word coffee….but bear with your girl!
Now…I continue.

My husband and I are coffee consumers.
I take it more serious and its a huge priority!

coffee helps strengthen my marriage

Coffee helps strengthen my marriage.
It sets the tone for relaxation.

Those relaxing times can be in the morning, midday, or evening.

It’s all about being intentional to slow down and to be on one accord with your beloved.

Sometimes its about being serious and other times keeping it light and fun.

We talk about

  • the Bible (we go way.down.deep.)
  • funny things that happened while he was working, or while I was home with the kids and dogs
  • the children
  • the grand baby
  • our businesses (yep. plural)
  • the budget
  • our friends
  • family
  • people that influence us
  • our Church. God knows how much we love our church!

Pursuing What Is Excellent Its all about being intentional


So tell me. What is that thing that helps you and your love relax and connect?


With Sword and Coffee,

Living Understandably With One Another in Marriage

Pursuing What Is Excellent Living Understandably With One Another

It was the first time that our callings clashed.
Two events. One date on the calendar.

I’d already made the decision by default, but more importantly by honor and preference.
I would attend an event with my husband.

The choice being automatic didn’t mean that I instantly liked it!
I pouted and mumbled and complained.

This set the tone between us, and in walks strife; that bitter enemy of marriage.

Thankfully we were on our way to church.  It was the perfect opportunity to set our hearts right.

Read the rest of the story as I share at Christian Wife University HERE.

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