I hear that every writer should have an “About Me” page on their blog.
I want to call this my WELCOME page!
Welcome to Pursuing What Is Excellent!


I’m Kela!

I’m a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl.
I’m a Southern girl.
I have a crush on my husband that I married in 1994 (do the math).
Together we have 6 amazing children, a wonderful son-in-love, and a most adorable grandson (we don’t know what grandma name he’ll actually call me, but for now we’re going with GrandmaK).
We’re a home educating family.
I’m a singer, a writer, reader, lover of the Word of God, friend, and mentor.
I gotta have my coffee…well, more like creamer.

I love my family, my church, quiet time, looking out for the needs of others.
I’m finally in a place that I’m comfortable with spontaneous hospitality. We’re making great friends that we love being around y’all.

I write about faith, marriage, family, book reviews, homeschool and other random things.
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My prayer is that as you peruse my site you’ll be blessed and keep coming back!

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God bless!

With Sword and Coffee,

  • mkeddy

    Looking good, Kela! I love it.

    • http://pursuingwhatisexcellent.blogspot.com/ Kela

      Thank you so much for hopping over here! :)

  • http://pursuingwhatisexcellent.blogspot.com/ Kela

    Sooo….I see that you’ve been posting more food content! Where’s your blog link?! 😛
    Love you, sis!!

    • Meredith

      Food, faith, fingernail polish(Mary Kay)! I’m trying to sort it all thru! Lol